Partner Enablement Platform

The Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Partner Enablement Platform enables VARs, Interconnects, MSPs, or Born-in-the-Cloud CSPs the ability to monitor their complete cloud solution.

The CloudRoute Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Partner Enablement Platform with its modular and open design enables Partners to order, configure, and monitor all service offerings available.

IT as a Service

The CloudRoute CSP partner enablement platform allows Cloud Partners to monetize and manage any offering such as cloud business applications, cloud services, SaaS, DaaS, IaaS, and ITaaS. Launching new services to either up-sell existing customers or attract new ones is important for Cloud Partners seeking to maximize Average Revenue per User (ARPU).  

The CSP Partner Enablement Platform permits Partners to:

  • Achieve speed to market
  • Easily product bundle with existing CloudRoute offerings 
  • Increase ARPU

CloudRoute COMPASS

The CSP Partner Enablement Platform is complemented by the CloudRoute COMPASS which is a self-service Partner portal to quickly enable and disable cloud services.

With CROSS the Cloud Partner portal can:

  • Monitor customer implementations and activations
  • Access customer and partner data via a single portal
  • Provide marketing and sales lead generation, nurturing and management  
  • Generate customer proposals, quotes and orders
  • Monitor customer activity and billings


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