Migration, Integration, Customization

CloudRoute provides a full stack of essential services to successfully move your clients to the cloud.

Our mission is to make your customer's Route to the Cloud safe, simple and fast.

Since each partner’s business plan and strategy is unique, we provide a personalized onboarding approach.

Our proven 33-Point Migration, Integration and Customization (MIC) Checklist illustrates how to:

  • Ensure accurate installations
  • Avoid potential implementation pitfalls
  • Guarantee a seamless transition of client services to the cloud


A dedicated onboarding specialist works with each partner to develop a comprehensive migration plan.  For each client, we have developed four steps to ensure a smooth and successful migration:

  • Planning and Preparation – developing a detailed list of all systems and programs, both old and new
  • Pre-Migration – performing a simulated test-run to verify all technologies
  • Launch – establishing an official system migration cut over, which includes an all-hands on-deck launch team
  • Post-Migration QA – executing quality assurance across all systems to verify data integrity


During the partner preparation phase, we examine legacy systems and make sure there is a synchronization of data with the new cloud technologies. Nothing gets lost in translation, we understand the importance of a harmonious interaction between existing on premise and new cloud systems. A client’s business must continue to run smoothly and efficiently.


There is no standard route to the cloud. Each transition to the cloud is different and we work with you to accommodate for every unique client business requirement and objective.  As a Premier Cloud Solutions Provider, we believe in providing our partners with everything they need to succeed in developing and growing their business.


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