Andre Temnorod

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Andre Temnorod is the founder and CEO of CloudRoute. Andre has been a leader in Internet related technology and telecommunications for more nearly 20 years. Prior to CloudRoute, he founded Broadvox, a telecommunications carrier and hosted communications provider.
Prior to founding Broadvox, Andre served as the Chief Executive Officer of Nexbell Communications, a leader in VoIP (purchased by COUNSEL Communications in 2001). He previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Unicent Technologies, where he spearheaded the research and deployment testing of early VoIP initiatives.

Building on nearly 20 years of executive management experience, Andre continues to excel at business operations in the high tech industry. He is among the most respected VoIP technology leaders in the market today and has been featured in numerous professional forums in print, video, and as a guest speaker on a variety of panels.

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